HHS EIR Accessibility Policy, Chapter 6: Testing and Validation

1 TAC §206.50(d)—Effective September 1, 2006, unless an exception is approved by the agency head or an exemption has been made for specific technologies pursuant to §213.17 of this title, all new or changed web page/site designs must be tested by the state agency using one or more Section 508 compliance tools in conjunction with manual procedures to validate compliance with this chapter.

Each Health and Human Services (HHS) agency, unless granted an exception by the agency's commissioner, tests all new or changed web pages and site designs using Section 508 compliance tools with manual procedures to validate compliance with Texas web accessibility standards. Additional information about testing tools and resources are available from the Department of Information Resources.

6.1 Testing and Validation Policy

To ensure that HHS electronic and information resources (EIR) are designed with consideration for the widest range of users' abilities, all agency developers, publishers, and content providers are responsible for validating that their EIR meet Section 508 standards before publishing.

6.2 Roles and Responsibilities

HHS agencies must follow the testing and validation provisions of this policy manual. Typical roles that are subject to these provisions include the following:

End users with varying abilities, including users of assistive technology, are encouraged to participate in EIR content testing and validation whenever possible.

6.3 Minimum Testing Requirements

At a minimum, agency employees and contractors who are responsible for EIR must comply with Section 508 standards for the following:

6.4 Automated Testing and Validation Tools

Accessibility evaluation tools cannot completely determine the accessibility of any product; they can only assist in doing so. Any automated testing or validation tool used for accessibility compliance must be able to

6.5 Manual Testing and Validation

According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), "Many accessibility checks require human judgment and must be evaluated manually using different techniques." Therefore, you should organize manual testing and validation of web content for accessibility compliance to complement any automated testing and validation.

For more information, see the Accessibility / Usability Checklist for HHS agencies.

6.6 Purchased Electronic Products

Agencies must adopt policies and procedures for purchasing EIR, as defined by 1 TAC §213.1(6), to ensure compliance with 1 TAC Chapter 213.

For more information, see Chapter 10: Procurement.

6.7 Auditing

Auditing to ensure compliance with Section 508 standards must be conducted based on the directives of the Department of Information Resources and the Texas State Auditor's Office.

6.8 Resources and Links

For more information about testing and validation, see the following: