Application Developers

Web application developers should be familiar with accessibility policy and take training courses to learn how the implementation of this policy enables all users to experience the web. This page features information and resources on web accessibility as well as accessibility testing tools.

Application Accessibility Checklist

  • Accessibility Checklist for Web Content - contains specific requirements. An information page is provided for each checkpoint, with the following details:
    • Compliance criteria,
    • Available tools,
    • Development tips,
    • Test tips,
    • Associated legal requirements and HHS policy requirements.

Application Developer Resources

DISCLAIMER: All of the links below are external websites External Website Icon. You MUST verify that each resource, code snippet, tutorial, or library is fully accessible. These resources are not endorsed as fully accessible.

General HTML and Accessibility

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)








Mobile Development

Video & Captioning

Accessibility Testing Tools

Browser Add-ons, Extensions, and Toolbars


Internet Explorer


Mobile Testing Tools

Cross-platform Testing Tools

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