Site Accessibility Information

Below are some of the technology solutions we have integrated to make our website easy to navigate and accessible to all users. We've also included some helpful browser tips.

Change Text Size

To change text size, use the browser's controls. From the Internet Explorer toolbar, select (View > Text Size) and then select a size. Using the keyboard, to zoom in press CTRL +, to zoom out press CTRL -, to return text to normal size, press CTRL 0.

Page Navigation

Webpages have been structured to allow keyboard and screen reader users quick access to page content.

  • Skip Links for Navigation
    Links added to the top of the page allow the user to jump or skip to the main content areas. To visually see the link in the upper left corner of the webpage, press the Tab key. Those listening to the page with a screen reader will be able to skip past repetitive menu links and get directly to the page content.
  • Heading Structure:
    Website content is structured with headings so that assistive technology users can move quickly through page sections.
  • Keyboard Commands:
    Navigate through our web pages without the use of a mouse. Our menus and site elements are all accessible to the keyboard. For browser keyboard tips, see the "Keyboard Commands" section below.

Multimedia Content

Captions and transcripts are included for web audio and video for those who do not have access to audio. Though captioning is primarily intended for those who cannot hear the audio, it also improves communication for everyone and may be toggled on and off. The text transcript of the multimedia similar to a screenplay includes all spoken dialog and narration, descriptions of important sounds, and descriptions of important visual events.

Video, audio, and interactive presentations are made accessible to those using the keyboard and screen readers. Multimedia players are keyboard accessible or have a full alternative version of the content.

Keyboard Commands

Navigate through our web pages without the use of a mouse.

Browser Keyboard Shotcuts

If you want to... Select...
Increase text size Ctrl + +
Decrease text size Ctrl + -
return text to normal size Ctrl + 0
Move forward from link to link Tab
Move backward from link to link Shift + Tab
Go to top of page Ctrl + Home
Go to bottom of page Ctrl + End
Close window Ctrl + W
Go back a page Alt + Left Arrow
Go forward a page Alt + Right Arrow
Go to the Find box Ctrl + F

Find more keyboard shortcuts:

Photographs & Images

Each image or photograph on Intranet webpages includes alternative text (or "alt" text). This text is a full, written description of what the image communicates to the user and is accessible to blind users that have screen reading technology on their computer.

File Viewing Information

HHS uses many file formats for documents and web content. Find more about this format and where to download required plug-ins.

Page Reviewed/Updated: 3/22/2012