Templates Support

This page features instructions to download, install, and use templates and document themes. To ensure a consistent look among agency reports, correspondence and presentations, employees are required to use HHS templates.

Do not modify these files in any way. To get vector files or a logo lockup, email the request to HHS Communications along with an explanation of how the logo will be used. Programs should not create logo lockups.

All documents should be in plain language, use people-first language, and follow Associated Press style. (See the HHS Brand Guide for more information.)

Please reach out to the HHS Accessibility Team if you need assistance with templates.

Templates Are:

Templates Are Not:

Resources for Using the Templates

Word Templates

General Documents Templates

These templates are best for simple documents and forms. Examples include fact sheets, handouts, instructions, and other short documents. The templates include styles and structures for headings, body text, lists, and tables. There are Quick Parts for the logo, footer, and table of contents.

  • Design 1 - Branding image is narrow and spans the top of the page.
  • Design 2 - Branding image is to the left and includes a section at the top for a main heading. The content starts further down the first page on this design.

HHS Reports Template

This template is appropriate for reports, manuals, user guides, and other long documents. This template includes ten cover options, a table of contents, styles for section headings, appendices, body text, lists, tables, and notes. There are Quick Parts for the cover options, table of contents, a list of acronyms, and portrait and landscape tables

Other Templates

  • Executive Memo Templates
    • These templates are used for submitting official requests and information to the HHS Executive Commissioner and DSHS Commissioner.
  • Stationery (letterhead) Template
    • Includes styles for create correspondence.
    • These should only be used for official correspondence. For forms and other general documents, use the General Documents templates.
  • Newsletters Template
  • Fax Cover Sheets

PowerPoint Presentations Templates

The packet includes templates with the following options:

  • Branding for HHS and DSHS
  • Unbranded templates for externally authored presentations
  • Dark or light background
  • Aspect ratio
    • 16:9 for screen viewing, televisions, and modern projectors
    • 4:3 for legacy projectors or for printing