Accessibility Testing Policy

The Testing and Validation section of the HHSC accessibility policy states that all Electronic Information Resources (EIRs) must be tested by the state agency using one or more accessibility compliance tools in conjunction with manual procedures to validate compliance with the Texas web accessibility standards. It further adds that all agency developers, publishers, and content providers are responsible for validating that their EIRs meet accessibility compliance requirements prior to publishing.

Information regarding

can be found in the Chapter 6, HHS accessibility policy and procedures.

Accessibility Checklists & Guidelines

All electronic content should be reviewed and tested for accessibility. For documents, use the Accessibility Checklists to review content.

Software, Websites and Applications

Accessibility Testing Tools

External Website Icon External resources are NOT endorsed by HHS as fully accessible. Use these manual testing tools to verify accessibility of the output you generate.

Browser Add-ons, Extensions, and Toolbars


Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer

Cross-Application Tools

Other Resources

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Page Last Reviewed/Updated: May 4, 2017